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Adventure Days

Not your standard ‘day-care’

What are adventure days? Well, I’m pleased you asked as I’m about to tell you.

Mum doesn’t run a standard daycare like traditional daycare facilities. Yes, we do get to play and ‘socialise’ in the morning, but we also get to go out on some pretty cool adventures in some pretty cool places. Mum runs these days from Monday – Thursday, during school term as school holidays are pretty busy at our place with sleepover dogs.

So how does a typical day roll?

Once everybody has arrived and we have had time to get our ‘crazies’ out and mix and mingle for a bit we then decide on where we are heading off too. Sometimes mum mixes things up a bit and we end up somewhere completely different to where we thought we were going lol Once we get to our destination, we have a bit of calm time in the Ute before we get out just so we aren’t too fizzy. Once we are out and calm, we then set off for our walk. We have nice structured on lead walks and sometimes depending on the group or destination we do get to have some off lead time as well. But that’s only if everybody has their good listening ears on. Mum works hard on making sure that each adventure day pack works well together, not only with the mixing and mingling but also for when we are out walking.

Once we have finished our adventure mum then drops all the ‘adventure day’ dogs’ home. This is to help settle any staying dogs once we get home and also to give myself time to rest and recoup. Our Adventure Days are also weather dependant as we are outdoors in nature mum makes sure that our safety is paramount. If it’s just a little rain, then we put on our raincoats and head out but if its heavy rain and windy then mum makes the call to cancel the Adventure Day. She tries not to do this, but nature has its own mind sometimes and us kids need to keep safe too.

Please Note: Our Adventure Days are currently full, but we do have a waiting list.

Karangahake Gorge

Memorial Park, Hamilton

Beach Adventure

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