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Golden Oaks Terms & Conditions

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1. Meet and Greet Sessions


All new dogs and clients must attend a meet and greet session prior to their first stay or day adventures with Golden Oaks. This is a free of charge session. For up to one hour.

As this is a home-based operation and we are including the dogs into our home along with our own dogs, we need to assess your dog's temperament and the way in which he/she interacts with our pets. We have also found that the dogs are less anxious if they have been introduced to us, our dogs and the property, prior to their stay or day-care with us. This is also an opportunity for the owners to meet with us and ask any questions they may have.


The meet and greet will also give us an idea on how they will react to our cats, if they happen to be around. 

An enrolment form is required to be filled in prior to a meet and greet session. These sessions usually last ½ hr to 1 hr. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any dog at Golden Oaks Golden Retriever Retreat's discretion.

2. Entire Dogs

While we do accept entire dogs, both male and female, we do have some rules.


We cannot accept females that are due to or are in season or just recently come out of season. If they come into season while under our care, we will notify you and alternative arrangements must be made. They will be isolated away from the rest of the group to keep them safe until they are collected. An extra fee may be applied. 


Entire males are welcome but if any aggression or dominant behaviour issues arise you will be contacted and either yourself or your alternative contact will need to collect your dog.  

We reserve the right to refuse your dog at Golden Oaks Golden Retriever Retreat.



3. Bookings and Cancellations


Golden Oaks is boutique and Golden Retriever exclusive, and we have a limited capacity of 5 day adventure dogs per day, therefore bookings are essential for all day adventures and sleepovers.

Sleepover bookings are especially important during the busy periods such as public holiday weekends, school holidays, and during Christmas & New Year. We encourage bookings well in advance to avoid disappointment. Any cancellations during these times are required no less than seven days prior to the first day of the booked sleepover.

We require no less than 48 hour's notice for cancellations for day-care and sleepovers.

This will give us time to fill this space.  Failure to meet this requirement may incur a fee.

We may ask for a deposit as per our Payment Terms in Section 12.


We also reserve the right to close without notice due to an unforeseen medical event, accident or family emergency or bereavement, should something of this nature arise.  However, we will endeavor to give you as much notice as we possibly can.   

Your booking is not secured until a meet and greet session has taken place.


4. Vaccinations


We will require your dog to have current up to date vaccinations. The following are required in order for them to stay with us:

Vanguard Plus 5 (Three Yearly) – this covers Parvo, Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Adenovirus,

Kennel Cough (Once Yearly)- this covers Bordetella bronchiseptic (canine cough)


We also recommend Leptoguard vaccine (Once Yearly), although this is not compulsory. 


We will need to sight any vaccination records before any sleepover or day-care. If your dog’s vaccinations have lapsed, please allow at least 2weeks from time of vaccination before coming to Golden Oaks.


Your dog will also need to be up to date with worm and flea treatment. If any worms or fleas are noticed during their stay we will notify you and they will be treated accordingly. This will incur a fee.



5. Day Dog Adventures Terms and Times


We run day adventures Monday- Thursday. 

Day dog kids have fun adventures out and about in a variety of locations be it the forest, river trails, urban settings or even the beach. While we do try to avoid muddy areas, sometimes these things just can't be, so they may arrive home a little dirtier.  All our dogs need to travel well with others while we are out. 

Drop off between 8:00am - 9:00am

Dogs will be dropped home after our adventure, anywhere from 1:00pm - 2:30pm, but time may vary depending on weather, location and prior appointments.

If we have a big adventure trip planned, we may require you to drop off early, in order to get the excitement phase out of their system before heading off.

We reserve the right to not run our sessions during public holidays, school holidays and less than ideal weather conditions. We will give you as much notice as we possibly can. 


6. Sleepover Terms and Times


We run our sleepovers Monday to Sunday, but spaces are limited. While staying at Golden Oaks they will be crated in their own ‘doggy’ room where they can have time out and a good night’s sleep. We do supply bedding, but you are most welcome to bring along their favourite bed, blanket or toys.

Owners understand Golden Oaks Golden Retriever Retreat accepts no financial responsibility for collars, leads, bedding, toys, etc.

Drop off times for sleep over dogs are as follows:

Morning drop off/pickup is between 8:00am - 9:30am (at the latest).

Afternoon drop off/pickup is between 3:00pm - 5:00pm.

Outside off these hours are strictly by prior arrangement at time of booking. Be mindful of this when arranging your holiday e.g. flight times etc. Outside of these hours we need to focus on our current guests and also our own personal downtime.

A sleepover charge is per 24hour period, e.g. 9:00am Monday to 9:00am Tuesday. If dropping off in the morning and picking up in the afternoon, e.g. 9:00am Monday to 4:00pm Tuesday, there will be a day stay charge. 

7. Diet and Feeding


We encourage you to bring your dog's current diet to avoid any upset tummies. We routinely feed twice daily but will accommodate any current feeding schedule you may have.  If they have a favourite or special feeding bowl then you are most welcome to bring that along with them too.  Please only bring the amount of food they will need while staying with us.

If any upset tummies do occur during their stay with us, they will be fed a special chicken and rice-based biscuit diet, there will be additional charges if this occurs.  If they do not respond, then veterinary advice/care will be sorted, and we will be in contact with you.

We can supply food while your dog is staying with us, but this will incur extra charges, please enquire if needed.

Any resulting expenses will be passed on to you. 

8. Medication


We are more than happy to medicate if your dog is on any medication during their stay at Golden Oaks.  Please make sure it is well labelled and enough to last during their stay.

Be rest assured that Andrea has years of experience as a Vet Nurse and is more than competent in medicating them.


9. Injuries and Events Whilst at Golden Oaks


We will take every precaution to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all Goldies in our care. However, the owner must understand and accept the risks involved with dogs in an open play environment (for example: minor injuries and common dog ailments) and will not hold us, Golden Oaks, liable for damages, loss and costs outside of our control.

We will take immediate action if your dog appears unwell.  We will contact you in the first instance and then either consult our own local vet (Cambridge Veterinary Services), or we may contact your dog’s usual vet for advice.  We will require you, the owner, to pay any vet costs we incur.  We also require that you advise us of any existing medical conditions your dog may have or the treatment that they are receiving.

Should any dog become aggressive or anti-social to a point where there is a risk of injury to itself, any other dog or person, that dog will be contained in an appropriate manner until the risk is mitigated or alternative arrangements/accommodation can be made with the Owner/Secondary contact of the dog.


10. Trips and Outings

We do take dogs off our property for walks and fun adventures.  They will mainly be lead walks with fun times off lead when possible.  They will be walked on either slip leads, or gentle leaders for ease of walking and also for safety.

If young or older dogs are staying, we do tailor the walks to suit their needs.

On average we are out walking on average for 1-2 hours, with the exception of our beach trips.

Please also make sure that your dog has a current registration tag on their collar.

11. Price List

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Day Adventures/ day stay charge:


Sleepover charge:

$55 per 24hour period



$35 paws & claws

$70 for puppy groom, up to 6months of age.

$100 full groom (bath, blow dry, de-shed of undercoat and brush out, trimming of paws, nails, around ears, tail)



12. Payment


All payments are to be made within 24 hours of collection of your dog.

We may ask you for a deposit in order to secure your dog's booking for our busy periods like public holidays, Christmas and New Year, or if otherwise requested.  The remainder is required before picking up. 


Payment details are as follows:

Golden Oaks


Please use your dog’s name as a reference.

Meet & Greet
Bookings & Cancelations
Day Dog Adventures Terms & Times
Sleepover Terms & Times
Diet & Feeding
Trips & Outings
Price List
Injuries & Events
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